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The modern healthcare landscape is continuously evolving, making your ability to react an instrumental part of your organization’s success.

ArjoHuntleigh Flex Solutions is a comprehensive system of assessment and consultative action that delivers customized tools and services for therapeutic support surfaces and medical beds. With a team of highly trained, experienced specialists, the Flex Solutions platform is built on close customer relations to help create optimized outcomes for both patients and care providers. With three primary focuses, Flex Capital, Flex Services, and Flex Rental, we work with you to ensure your facility always has the right equipment, at the right time, performing at the highest levels.

Value at every level

Flex Solutions provides significant impact at every level of your organization.


Having properly maintained equipment means less operational downtime, which means more operator uptime for your facility.

Clinician/Care provider

Having the right equipment at the right time means having operational confidence; no more questioning whether you have what you need to ensure your quality of care.


Having optimal equipment means optimal outcomes, which means improved comfort and confidence in your care provider.

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