diligent pressure ulcer prevention

Though awareness and preventative measures have improved in recent years, pressure ulcers still present serious challenges to the modern healthcare organization.

Nearly a quarter of all patients in acute-care environments are affected by pressure ulcers2, which is why Diligent's Pressure Ulcer Prevention program can prove itself valuable to your organization. Diligent's pressure ulcer consultants promote frequent pressure ulcer, skin, and general risk assessments, as well as supplemental protocols that include managing and optimizing nutrition and hydration. It’s all in an effort to mitigate pressure ulcer occurrences and related costs while improving the overall quality of care for your patient.

By the numbers:

  • 2.5 million: number of pressure ulcers occurrences in the US each year
  • 228: average number of pressure ulcer cases each year, per hospital
  • $43,000: average cost, per incident, for stage III/IV pressure ulcers

Utilizing the right tools, data, services, and people, we help you build a culture that focuses on safe patient healing. Why? Because we believe that a better level of care is out there, and that a place of zero harm is possible. Together.

The Diligent Pressure Ulcer Prevention Platform



  1. Per 163-bed facility. Additional data on file.
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