diligent case studies

Diligent Consulting has partnered with over 800 facilities to achieve improved outcomes for both patients and caregivers.

AnMed Health

diligent case studies anmed

A 98% reduction in workers’ compensation costs and an 82% decrease in patient-handling injuries helped AnMed Health achieve nearly $2.6 million in annual savings.

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Adventist Health Sonora

diligent case studies sonora

Adventist Health Sonora transferred nearly $1.8M from its Workers’ Compensation Trust back in to the operating budget, in large part due to its Diligent Consulting partnership.

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UnityPoint Health Methodist

diligent case studies unitypoint

As a Diligent partner, UnityPoint Health Methodist experienced a 99.7% total reduction in workers’ compensation.

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Mercy Health

diligent case studies mercy health

Diligent Consulting helped Mercy Health save over $2 million In the first year.

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