Space requirements - SARA 3000 at bed
Space Requirements - Maxi Move in bathroom

Starting points for better care - Sufficient space reduces the risk of injuries.

From the resident’s/patient’s perspective, an elderly care facility environment is a place to call home. From the caregiver’s perspective, it is a workplace. Throughout every phase of the planning, these two points of view should always receive equal consideration. It is important that care facility environments are planned with a high degree of flexibility, when it comes to the need for assistance; and knowing what equipment you need allows you to provide the right amount of space.

The planning of a hospital, nursing home or care facility presents a great opportunity to create the optimum conditions for high quality care and a positive working environment right from the start. It is crucial for architects and planners to have insight into the exact functional demands of the residents/patients that will reside in the homes they are designing. This not only applies to the current situation, but they will also need a forecast of the future population.

Space Requirements

The space recommendations we make are based on practical experiments in which we accurately measure the space required in order to perform a particular task with a certain piece of equipment, using good ergonomic working techniques. ArjoHuntleigh developed this method together with Swedish architect Mai Almén, who specialises in solutions for people with impaired mobility, and physiotherapist Annika Wahlquist, and we have been using the method since 1996.