Events and challenges associated with Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) can be exceedingly serious. Every year, more than 2 million Americans suffer from VTE, with over half developing their VTE in the hospital (hospital-­acquired) or within the 30 days following their hospitalization1. Clots and complications that occur may become chronic, life threatening, or fatal, which is why preventative measures must provide improved patient outcomes. ArjoHuntleigh's portfolio of vascular therapy products strive to facilitate safe, comfortable and clinically effective DVT prevention.

Take Comfort In Proven Results

Clinical research trials conducted with the Flowtron® DVT Prophylaxis System have proven its effectiveness in high-­risk medical and surgical patient populations. The Flowtron systems have also been clinically proven to reduce venous stasis, with both fibrinolytic and compliance studies yielding high nurse and patient satisfaction ratings2.

Our Flowtron VTE prevention garments are designed to deliver maximum effectiveness and patient comfort to facilitate patient compliance with therapy. Our Flowtron DVT Prophylaxis System is the only system that has the capability to deliver both sequential and single-­pulse compression from a single pump, providing both choice and convenience to the clinician.

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Explore our entire portfolio of vascular prevention and therapy, including our comprehensive range of reliable, clinically proven devices and dedicated garments.



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