Multifunctional early mobilization & ICU rehabilitation aid

A growing body of evidence supports the effectiveness of early mobilization. When utilized, early mobility is associated with reduced ICU and hospital length of stay and improved functional outcomes.

Sara® Combilizer will engage earlier mobilization of ventilated patients previously deemed high risk or inappropriate to mobilize, as well as patient with low attention and level of consciousness, poor trunk stability and hemofiltration lines in the groin.

A review article on early mobilization in the ICU concluded: “A new approach for managing mechanically ventilated patients includes reducing deep sedation and increasing rehabilitation therapy and mobilization soon after admission to the ICU. Research provides preliminary evidence supporting the safety, feasibility and potential benefits of early mobilization in critical care medicine.”1

A standing or sitting position can deliver benefits that are vitally important in an optimized recovery process for a critically ill patient.

Sara Combilizer enables unconscious, sedated or mechanically ventilated patients to be mobilized in different standing or sitting positions for several hours per day.

The innovative design of Sara Combilizer provides a safe and secure platform so that patients can remain standing for the required amount of time to fully maximize early mobilization benefits.

Sara Combilizer provides this benefit in combination with a full range of patient positioning options, making it a comprehensive solution for early mobilization and related rehabilitation exercises.

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  1. Needham, D. M. (2008). Mobilizing patients in the intensive care unit: improving neuromuscular weakness and physical function. JAMA 300(14): 1685-1690.