Every year, countless patients suffer a fall while being transported, and they’re not alone: 70% of all nursing injuries are attributed to complications from lifting patients1. We can do better.

Every day, millions of patients and residents are safely moved in ArjoHuntleigh patient transfer solutions. That means every day, countless individuals are provided quality care with security, comfort, and dignity in mind. At ArjoHuntleigh, we are committed to making patient lifting and transferring better for all involved. With the proper equipment and education, caregivers can optimize the operation of patient lifts and standing and raising aids, which minimizes challenges for both themselves and those they care for.

Staff Injury Prevention

By eliminating manual lifting, ArjoHuntleigh lifts play a major role in preventing injuries to your staff and promoting safer working environments.

Total Patient Handling

One solution doesn't work for all needs. From mobile and ceiling lifts to standing and raising aids and lateral transfer products, we offer a diverse portfolio of patient transfer solutions to give you the flexibility that your patient handling requires.



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