Total Lift Bed

Progressive upright standing in bed for highly dependent patients

Without leaving the bed, patients who need a graded transition from bed rest to supporting their full body weight can be gradually moved to a standing position at the touch of a button, aiding rehabilitation early in the acute phase of critical illness.

Using only one or two caregivers, the Total Lift Bed™ can progressively move patients to full standing as early and frequently as tolerated to achieve increasing levels of weight bearing through the lower extremities and orientation to upright positioning.

Progress can be monitored using the patented weight bearing control system that displays changes in weight bearing on a digital screen in the Foot Lifter™ Footboard. This visual feedback can help caregivers monitor progress and set milestones against rehabilitation and mobility objectives.

Between tilting and standing episodes the fully articulating bed frame, with integrated pressure redistribution surface, can help caregivers comply with early mobility protocols by enabling patients to be placed into a chair position at the touch of a button.

The model listed here is manufactured by VitalGo Systems, Inc. and is distributed under contract by ArjoHuntleigh AB. Packaging, labeling and documentation supplied with the product will reflect this.